ReNew IT, What is it all about?

Computers have always been an integral part of our lives.But have we ever stopped and given a thought about the importance of it in our lives?We use computers in our everyday lives which itself shows how dependent we are on them.When this is the kind of need of computers in today’s generation the demand will correlate to its dependency levels.

Buying new computers can be an expensive affair if it has to be in bulk or for a social or a organisational cause.When this is the state of the matters it is indeed wise to think of acquiring technology at a lesser cost with a eco friendly touch to it.

People have a very coarse attitude towards the word “Refurbished”. But do people really know what it is? Refurbish means renovate or redecorate something that is already in existence.People often detest to use something that they think  is  “used and worn out”. But the benefit that it serves to the community and the less privileged is something that they do not give a thought about.India is one of the country among the world with high IT penetration levels.When this is the case it is indeed necessary for the underprivileged or rather people who are eco friendly and cost conscious to buy refurbished systems and serve the intent.

Renew IT is one such firm that makes technology available to the masses cost effectively. We mainly source computers from large MNCs – refurbish and remarket them. This helps bridge the large digital divide that exists in a country of over a billion people.

As per the Census 2011 data, India has an IT penetration of 9.5% at a household level. This means that less than 1 in every 10 households owns a computer. In China, the penetration is more than 30%. For India as a country to progress further – it is important for everyone to have better access to computers. It is well documented how the spread of mobile phones has benefited all of us.

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