Enabling Social Growth through IT – AMBA CEEIC

AMBA Center for Economic Empowerment of the Intellectually Challenged (AMBA CEEIC) was founded by Sugandha Sukrutaraj ten years back to help the intellectually disabled adults, who cannot be trained by through formal education. The NGO aims at creating sustainable livelihood for the mentally and intellectually challenged individuals by providing them education and training with cutting edge technology, innovative teaching methodologies and peer-to-peer training programmes.  Apart from providing required training, AMBA CEEIC make them economically empowered by placing them across regular salaried occupation viz. data entry operators, computer operator etc.

ReNew IT is committed to provide affordable computing technologies to the needy and bridge the wide digital gap prevails in our country. The company has been successful in following this on its own way. It has been supporting this Bangalore based NGO in their ground breaking endeavours.

“RAMBA SugandhaeNew IT has truly made a difference to AMBA. It has been an ideal partner in our social journey”

– Sugandha Sukrutaraj, Founder AMBA CEEIC

The NGO makes the optimal use of information technology and has regular requirements of computers and laptops to train the intellectually disabled and low IQ individuals. And ReNewIT fulfils this requirement by providing them affordable refurbished computers in bulk.

Overwhelmed by the support offered by Renew IT, the founder of AMBA CEEIC, Sugandha Sukrutaraj says, “ReNewIT as social enterprise has helped us to stretch our resources while ensuring enterprise level laptops and computers for our programme. The icing on the cake is that everyone at ReNew IT has an amazing heart. Their support goes way beyond enabling low cost hardware. They are great partners to AMBA CEEIC”.

According to Sugandha Sukrutaraj, in India, 3% of its entire population is intellectually challenged; and it is a big task to educate wherethere are almost 35 million intellectually disabled populations in the country. Besides, these are individuals who are not only intellectually disabled but many of them are physically challenged as well.

In AMBA CEEIC, they have been trying to help and provide them a sustainable livelihood through the optimization of information technology. In this social achievement journey, ReNew IT has been an ideal partner and the company has been supporting AMBA with its high quality affordable computers and laptops along with service warranty. ReNew IT has truly made a difference to AMBA, says Sugandha Sukrutaraj, emphasising the immense contribution made by ReNewIT to AMBA.

According to her, it is not only ReNew IT provides them high quality low cost computers; but it also helps them in many other ways; whenever the NGO has any technical glitches across there IT infrastructure; ReNew IT has been always on time for support. This has helped AMBA to a greater extent in following timeline of achievements.

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Best Computers or IT Infrastructure for Growing SMEs

Computing infrastructure for small and medium enterprises

IT needs for small businesses

In Asia Pacific economic circle, the Small and medium enterprises covers almost 90% of all businesses, including India. Government of India’s Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development act 2006 defines small enterprises as business initiatives whose investment is more than 25 lakh but does not go beyond 5 crores. The medium enterprise are those enterprises whose total investment is more than 5 crore and but does not go beyond 10 crores. These businesses run with lesser number of workforces.

The SME market in India

The small and medium enterprises contribute to employee generation, productivity, exports and the overall growth of India’s economy. For example in the places like Odisha, the SMEs are contributing to create maximum employment next to agriculture. SME sector is responsible for about 40 percent of the exports and 45 percent of the total manufacturing output in the country. This sector is creating 1.3 million jobs every year, providing employment to 60 million Indians and also producing almost 8000 quality products per year. It is estimated that India has 30 million SMEs functioning and in the coming years, around 12 million more employees are expected to join the SME sector and the sector is growing at a rate of 8% per year.

How to buy computers for the SMEs?

Efficient IT infrastructure plays a major role in the growth of small and medium enterprises. Hence, well planned IT investment is a key; while doing so, industry best practices also cannot be ignored. For the SMEs, the functionalities, speed and power of the computing equipments matter most.

Before investing on technology, there is a need of evaluation of IT needs of the business, and then comes right need of technology efficiency- need to consider technology abilities viz. processing speed of the computer like how quickly it runs.  Normally the greater number of cores it has, it functions better. Adding more RAM will allow a computer to work faster. Even the storage is also important which determines how much information one can save on a computer’s hard disk. If the business requires larger storage capacity such as need to store more software applications and data on computer; then, should not opt for computers which only fulfil minimal requirements for an operating system (OS).  For example, the Windows 7 OS requires at least a 1 GHz or faster processor, 1 GB RAM and 20 GB available hard disk space to function effectively; without these specifications, the system will not perform effectively.

Once the technology requirements are clearly listed; it’s time to decide between a desktop and a laptop. Desktops come at a reasonable price and deliver great performance. They are the best choice, if flexibility is not a concern.  But, if portability is a business priority, laptops or new generation net books can be the right choice. Whether it is a laptop or desktop or any other hardware parts, it is better to buy in bulk; it helps in decreasing number of investments as well as CapEx.

What about purchasing refurbished and affordable computers, if budget is a challenge?  In fact, it can be a fair deal to buy affordable refurbished computers and laptops. Refurbished computers are those computers which are used but completely re-engineered for new users. Refurbishment is a stringent step by step evaluation process of the old computer and restoration of its parts so as to make it highly functional. Hence, no technological or performance difference exists between brand new and refurbished computers. These computers come at a low price with a limited period warranty like a new one.

But, before taking a decision, we need to zero down at a reliable refurbisher. There are companies who maintain a strict re-engineering process to provide complete satisfaction to their buyers.

ReNew IT is one such initiative to provide low cost, high quality computers to the needy population of our country. It can help you with a smart deal for your growing business!

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What does your kid learn through Computers?

Affordable computers for kids

Low cost computers for kids

Today’s smarter life demands basic computer literacy from every one of us; even from pre-school kids! With information technology interfering in each sphere of our life, it has been becoming a challenge for the people who do not have the required computing skills. Given the immense development of smarter technology everywhere, schools have stared inducting courseware related to computer starting from the primary level.

Computers, video games always fascinate kids. Since visuals attracts them most; it is easier to teach them with the help of a computer; and they learn faster!

There are a number of computers games that develop various aspects of a kid like memory, concentration, interest and observation power etc. For example, the Big Brain academy helps forgetful kids on how to remember things; Dora’s cooking club enables a kid to learn mathematical and scientific skills; Backyardigans helps kids to learn about team work and togetherness. Scribblenauts Remix helps in vocabulary building with its built-in features of iOS. ItzaZoo is a learn-to-read game including aspects like drawings, strategy building and problem solving. The fitness games like Nickelodeon Fit, Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout, Wii Fit Plus, Wii Fit U help the kids to remain physically fit. These games are designed to cater to the various needs of a kid which combines educational and entertaining content so that they can find it interesting and learn easily.

Ideal courseware

In the beginning, kids need to understand the various physical parts of a computer and their functionalities. Gradually, they can move on to learn the various programmes; about the internet and how it operates; how to search online information and how to be safe while using internet. And these basic knowledge can be acquired in home as well.

Kids find the paint very attractive; and we can initiate the learning process with this. Parents can also use the ‘easy learning software’ which helps the kids to understand Chemistry, English and Maths. Normally, the kids prefer to use computer and internet for gaming, drawing, painting, information gathering and other educational purposes.

There are some programming languages which are suitable for the beginners. They include – python which is a simple computer language to start with a modern day kids; the Raspberry Pi which is a affordable little device where kids can learn coding ; Mine-craft is a funny and creative video game a kid can play; Scratch is another visual programming language a kid can be taught initially in the primary level. However, depending on the age, the course materials can be customized.

At Kindergarten stage, kids need to learn how to power on and power off the computer safely. The basic computer courses are suitable for children up to 5th grade which teaches them to operate the computer and open and close any particular folder.

At grown up stage, (between 5th to 9th grades) they need to learn how to operate various programs. In this stage, children are also introduced to internet and how to play multifaceted games. Then comes the technical courses and they are made for the children above 8th grade.  At this stage, a child mainly learns the programming and graphics.

Tips that may help you to familiarize your kid with computing

  • Encourage your kid to explore and play with the computer on his/ her own
  • Be a co-participant with your young star and help him/her to understand better by asking questions
  • Guide your kid to establish his own pace of learning; making him/her more engaged. It does not matter if your kid is a slow leaner; the more important point is how much she/ he has learnt to use it
  • Allow your kid to use it for a limited time. Do not allow your kid to spend the whole day the PC which might have an adverse effect on him/her

Buying the right machine

While buying a machine for your kid, you need to identify his/ her priority. If your kid will use it in home, the desktop is preferable; but if portability is the chief concern, then you should opt for a laptop.

Kids are new users and not matured enough to handle a PC with care; hence, instead of buying a brand new PC, you can choose an affordable refurbished one. There is not any technological or performance related differences exist between a brand new and a refurbished computer which come at a low price with a limited period warranty and service contract.

There are companies which provide refurbished affordable computers and laptops. Renew IT is one such company focused on making high quality computers and laptops affordable and accessible to all.  Not only the kids, there a

re schools, NGOs and many other social organisations which need computers in bulk and also at a lower cost. ReNew IT caters to the needs of all these.

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Are You Looking Out for High-Quality Affordable Computers for Your Office?

Affordable High Performance Computers for Your Office Image

You may be setting up a new office; or you may be hiring more people as business is expanding and hence planning to increase the number of workstations and servers. What if you have limited budget and want to optimize your spends on the infrastructure up gradation, although you need them for better productivity!

Let’s not be too perplexed! Why don’t you opt for enterprise class refurbished computers, servers and other IT hardware; instead of investing in brand new ones? With certified refurbished products, you can not only keep your finance in the delight zone, but also receive industry ready high performance computing infrastructure at a bargain.

Is Refurbished Technology Reliable?

Now, what is a refurbished computer and how reliable it is? There may be few such questions which unsettle you, while you think of purchasing refurbished computers. Refurbished computers are used computers; but they are re-engineered by certified engineers for the new users.

Refurbished computers undergo a process of complete evaluation, repairing and replacement of the damaged parts so as to be at par with the quality standard of the manufacturer. They are not sold as new computers; but yes! Performance wise, they are very reliable. Once the complete check-up is over, the computers are ready for the market.  They are sold at much lower price than the brand new ones, which enables you to experience the best in class cost-performance ratio.

Refurbished computers do not come with any performance glitches. They are refurbished to provide original level of performance. And excitingly some refurbishers offer warranty and extended service contract which might be important for you.

Tips to Consider Before Buying a Refurbished Computer

While investing in refurbished computers and technologies, you may need to ensure the current and future needs at the very beginning. Once you are sure about your requirements, the next big task would be identifying a reliable retailer or refurbisher who provides certified products with warranty and service contracts. Additionally, if possible you may also go ahead and match the parts as well as the price of refurbished computers to a new one. Such assessments will get you a fair idea on the products you are buying. You also need to be aware of the warranty and replacement policies of the refurbished computers. There are many companies who offer extended warranty as well as complete product replacement guaranties for optimal customer satisfactions.

Reparability is one key aspect of such products. If your computers stop working or parts get damaged, you need to make sure that you can get them repaired or replaced by the same retailer.

Are you going to purchase desktops or laptops? If your employees have to travel frequently or most of them work from home, then laptop is a must; but if portability is not a concern, then you can buy desktops for your office since they are sturdier than laptops.

Investing in refurbished computers can be the right deal for you. They not only keep your pocket happy; but also ensure high performance. ReNew IT is one such company focused on making high quality computers affordable and accessible to all. It provides enterprise class refurbished computers to schools, companies, start-up businesses and NGOs.

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Promoting Digital Inclusion; Erasing Digital Divide!

Digital divide is still wide across many nations – especially in India. A recent study done by World Economic Forum has reported that most developing countries are continuously struggling to bridge the digital divide of providing access to computers and the Internet for low-income citizens. Many of the large developing nations including India are lagging behind in these efforts.

Does Digital Divide Affect Us?

The factors which have caused the digital gap among citizens include socioeconomic status, ethnicity, and geographic location. According to the report- ‘Internet Users and E-Commerce Demographics India 2013’ released by eStateIndia.com, India’s population at the end of 2012 was 1.23 billion, up from 1.03 billion in 2010, while the Internet users in the same period increased from 69.2 million to 116.18 million, which is just 9.6% of the total population. This means that less than 1 in every 10 households owns a computer and this needs to be improved.

Citizens who do not have computers or internet access at home may end up missing the vast information available on the web; it may result in societal inequality in terms of access to information.

Student community is one of the worst sufferers; it not only affects students’ access to institutional resources, but also minimizes their opportunities to use technology. In addition, students from low-income families may not get admissions in a desired university because of their insufficient technology background.

The gifts of Information Technology (IT) have failed to cure century-old malaises like illiteracy, poverty and unemployment in the country. India worries about the rapid developments being made in the IT industry, which has widened the gap between the country’s privileged urban mass and the under privileged rural populace.

The Local Efforts

The technology driven world has made computing a lifestyle. But do we all have equal access to information technology in India? Are computers and Internet affordable to each Indian?

Sadly, the answer is no! Why? The price of advanced technology is still out of reach of an Aam Admi. There is a vast gap between the rich and the poor strata of our society. ReNew IT— a Bangalore based refurbished computer provider, has been working towards bridging this gap by making technology affordable. In a country like India where digital divide is so rampant, refurbished low cost computers can be the key solution to fight against the challenges posed by the digital inequalities.

Computers still remain unaffordable for a large segment of the Indian population and this is the segment where ReNew IT is trying to step in to organize a predominantly unorganized market.

The digital divide can never be controlled in isolation but the effort has to be multi-dimensional and multi-pronged. Making computers affordable is one of the practical initiatives to bridge this gap


Global Digital Divide



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How to chose a Computer for your kid?


Kids and Computer! Sounds a bit atypical; but, yes, your kid also needs a computer. In the present fast paced lifestyle, computer education has become an essential part of children’s overall development.  Why not? Modern computing technologies have changed the way we live and your growing youngster must know how to command this robotic language. It is rightly said, ‘practice makes everybody perfect’. The more you practice and experiment with the computer, the better computing knowledge/skills you will acquire. Within the limited and heavy bag of academic hours, it is not easy for your kid to accumulate the complete computing skills at a school’s lab. As a result, you end up buying a PC for your kid.


Deciding to buy a computer

Are you planning to buy a computer for your kid? Then, you must be in a perplexed stage of your life. Given that there is an array of options available in the market, making the right choice of buying a computer is a very complicated task. Should you buy it to fulfil current requirements or should you opt for a well configured version to serve future needs of your youngster?

Once you are sure about the complete  requirement of your kid, this is the right time for you to purchase. Now, do you have a required budget kept aside from your household expenses to buy an expensive one? Because, affordability is a concern for many parents; they prefer to buy a less expensive computer for their kids.

You should also consider the reparability aspect of the PC you are planning to buy. Kids are new users and not matured enough to handle a computer with care. They consider it as a toy and use it in their own divine ways; they may drop it on the ground; sit on it or do anything with the PC. So, the possibility of going something wrong with the desktop or laptop you purchase cannot be overlooked. If the PC stops working or some parts get damaged, make sure you can get them repaired or replaced by the same manufacturing company. You should also observe carefully the warranty period and terms of the PC you purchase.

So, what are you going to purchase? A desktop or a laptop? Once again, you have to identify the requirement of your kid. If he/she is going to use it at home, then the desktop is a better choice; but if portability is the chief concern of your kid, then you should better look for a laptop.


A refurbished computer can be a good option 

On a different note, what about buying an affordable refurbished computer, instead of buying a brand new computer for your kid? Now, what is a refurbished computer and how reliable it is? These are some of the questions that unsettle you when you think of buying a refurbished PC. Refurbished computers are used computers; but they are reengineered and recycled for new users through complete evaluation of the old computer and restoration of its parts; thereby making them highly serviceable. Hence, there is not any technological or performance related differences exist between a brand new and a refurbished computer. Refurbished computers come at a low price with a limited period warranty and service contract, providing enhanced customer satisfaction.

Going forward, your next step is to find out a reliable manufacturing company which provides affordable refurbished computers. There are companies which maintain a strict renovating process to ensure complete customer satisfaction. ReNew IT is one such company focused on making high quality computers affordable and accessible to all.  Not only the kids, there are schools, NGOs and many other social organisations which need computers in bulk and also at a low cost.  It helps them all through its high quality enterprise class refurbished products. If your kid really needs a computer, ReNew IT is here to serve your need.

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Affordable Computers for NGOs

 Affordable Investment Safeguards your NGOs long term financial sustainability

An NGO is a non-profit organization set up by a group of people who share a common interest. It is usually funded by government, corporate and business organizations, foundations, donors and social responsibility organizations. But some NGOs are self-funded. They collect fund by selling their own manufacturing products. Again there are NGOs which run their operations primarily by means of volunteers. Different NGOs focus on different ‘sectors’ (a particular activity that an NGO wants to pick up). However, the major guiding force behind the establishment of an NGO is to deal with the issues concerning public welfare. NGOs are task oriented. They perform a variety of tasks like creating public awareness, drawing the public concerns to the government, monitoring government policies and programmes and providing humanitarian assistance. NGOs may be set up on local, national and international levels.

Right Spending Strategy

Fund management is an integral part of NGO operations. How an NGO utilizes and manages its funds are of major importance to run it successfully.  It is also important that a non-profit organisation maintains a cash reserve so as to help itself during the time of emergencies. Such financial reserves assist an NGO to fight against financial difficulties and protect your organisation against unpredicted financial shocks.

The long term sustainability of an NGO depends on its wise distribution of funds and its affordable investments. You need to keep a cash reserve by maintaining a calculated investment plan so that the financial shocks can be averted. Based on the analysis of its cash flow and expenses, an NGOs sets up its reserve goal and lowers down the limit of expenses. The NGOs have a management team to maintain their cash reserve and guide how funds should be invested/utilized. Although it is a non-profit organization and not oriented towards revenue making, it has to have some kind of surplus to continue its service and escape functioning at a deficit budget.

Technology Ballgame

Technology plays a vital role in running NGO operations. To keep track of its data (NGOs collect data from a variety of sources including other NGOs, government sector and private sector and also from individuals and media) and manage information, the NGOs do need the help of high quality affordable computers and laptops. Information management is very important if a NGO has to function effectively and productively. It not only requires information from a variety of sources, but it also has to communicate that information to the other sources. The successful flow of both external and internal information of an NGO is dependent on its high quality computer technology.

Hence, buying affordable computer and laptops is an integral part of NGO infrastructure. Without computers and laptops, the NGOs cannot conduct its operations and deliver services.  To achieve its goal and work collaboratively with the other NGOs, an NGO needs to be more refined and technology advanced.

A right computer or laptop buying strategy can help the NGOs to manage their funds. They can buy high quality computers at low and affordable cost to run their operations. In present times, with the advent of private sector technology development, the NGOs have many choices regarding buying affordable and high quality computers without spending much money. Such high quality affordable computers/laptops bought at low price will increase your cash reserve and contribute to you organization’s long term health and sustainability. This will help you to save find and invest it correctly. Mostly the NGOs depend on technology that is sharp, reliable, and affordable.

We at ReNew IT offer high quality computers and laptops at a low and affordable cost. We also look after their repairing and replacement, in case of any damages. Our aim is to make computers affordable for everybody including the NGOs. We help you to make the right choice for your organization.

Aided by such high quality affordable computers and laptops, the non-governmental organizations can accomplish a number of tasks, and play a major role in creating sustainable development in various fields, making social transformations and improving the quality of human life.

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