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E-governance is the use of a range of modern Information and Communication Technologies such as Internet, Local Area Networks, mobiles etc by government to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, service delivery and promote democracy.   It can transform citizen services, provide … Continue reading

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Enabling Digital Literacy

The digital decade is not about any particular aspect of computing, taking enterprises, knowledge workers and homes and building standards that connect all of those together. The key piece in the center is trustworthy systems, systems that do what you expect … Continue reading

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Literacy – Traditional vs Digital

Traditionally, literacy means the ability to read and write. By that measure, a fourth of India’s population is illiterate, according to the 2011 census. If we look at the revolution in communications in the past two decades, the entire world … Continue reading

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PPP – A possible solution to bridge the Digital Divide?

Public private partnership (PPP) refers to a combined effort of a private sector organization and government agency for a successful implementation of large scale public project which is meant for betterment of the society. PPP play a major role in … Continue reading

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Enabling Social Growth through IT – AMBA CEEIC

AMBA Center for Economic Empowerment of the Intellectually Challenged (AMBA CEEIC) was founded by Sugandha Sukrutaraj ten years back to help the intellectually disabled adults, who cannot be trained by through formal education. The NGO aims at creating sustainable livelihood … Continue reading

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Best Computers or IT Infrastructure for Growing SMEs

In Asia Pacific economic circle, the Small and medium enterprises covers almost 90% of all businesses, including India. Government of India’s Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development act 2006 defines small enterprises as business initiatives whose investment is more than … Continue reading

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What does your kid learn through Computers?

Today’s smarter life demands basic computer literacy from every one of us; even from pre-school kids! With information technology interfering in each sphere of our life, it has been becoming a challenge for the people who do not have the … Continue reading

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