How India can Build a Stronger Internet Ecosystem

India being a developing country has tremendous potential especially when it comes to the Information Technology sector. While the IT penetration in India is very low, there are many ways in which the government can build a stronger Internet Ecosystem which will benefit the entire populace. Some of them are listed below:

1.Extend infrastructure for low-cost, high-speed internet to semi-urban and rural parts: In order to increase the IT penetration to more than 20%, it is essential to extend the Internet infrastructure beyond the top metropolitan cities. Mobile connectivity will play a large role in achieving this. As the 3G network grows and the 4G network is introduced, it is pivotal to include the semi-urban and rural areas.

2. Reduce the cost of Internet access and usage:  The logic is simple. The cheaper the access to Internet, more is the IT penetration. More the IT penetration, more is the connectivity (both in rural and urban areas). Ultimately, development of rural areas and growth of the IT sector is achieved.

3. Enable large-scale digital literacy: Lack of education in using the internet and near absence of local language support in devices, applications and services is holding back the increase in usage. This shortfall becomes more acute as less educated users from rural areas gain access to the internet. As more and more rural and semi-urban areas connect to the internet, adoption could be accelerated by the developing local language content with image-based user interfaces and less textual content.

4. Create a favorable environment for Internet businesses to both start and scale-up: India lags behind in this regard. Both the government and private sector have the potential to impose the situation through focused actions- ease procedures, accelerate the rate of setting up businesses, provide tools and platforms that help the SMEs and entrepreneurs to scale up and reduce uncertainty in the legal regimes affecting online businesses.

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