Say NO to Used Goods – ask for refurbished!!!

India, since ancient times, has this belief that ‘to waste is to sin’. Compared to western countries, we are semi-conservative in nature. We do not dispose carelessly. However in this day and age of technology, the concept of buying used goods is hardly a boon but in fact, a bane.

There are many factors to contemplate while buying second or third hand products. You have to consider the way it has been used or damaged and of course the probable remaining life of the product. In addition, the product has to satisfy your needs.

While refurbishment is a popular term in the western countries, the same cannot be said in India and that’s where we are at a disadvantage. Buying second-hand computers might seem like a good idea initially but in the long run, that’s where your wallets as well as time gets spent. Used laptops will eventually require a lot of time, money and effort for its maintenance. Refurbished products on the other hand do not.

Not only do refurbished products come with a warranty but also can be bought at pretty much the same price if not cheaper. It is why the saying ‘refurbishment is as good as new’ has been propagated. Not to mention, they also come with customer service just like any other major brand.

It is only a matter of time that the concept of refurbishment will make people change their perception of buying used products and hence, pave the way for IT penetration in India. Say NO to Used Goods and start saving NOW.

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