E-governance is the use of a range of modern Information and Communication Technologies such as Internet, Local Area Networks, mobiles etc by government to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, service delivery and promote democracy.


It can transform citizen services, provide access to information to empower citizens, enable their participation in governmental functions so that they can make better lives, for themselves and for the next generation.


Why e-governance

India is one of the most populous nations of the world with a population of approximately 102 crore million people and about 72% of them inhabit in villages. In such a situation it becomes impossible for citizens and the state authorities to keep a track of the ongoing activities. Hence, the central government of India announced the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) in 2006. Their aim have been to set up 1,00,000 CSCS (Construction Skills Certificate Scheme). These CSCS are rural tele-centres set up  to provide the villagers with a slew of services, such as birth and death certificates, land registration, employment opportunities, matrimonial, mandis (market-places), education, veterinary services and so on in the rural areas. Another important rural- centric project under NeGP is termed as e-PRI (electronic-panchayati raj institutions).



But the fact remains that 90% of these proposed plans have not been implemented. The concept of digital divide prevails till date. Even today a larger segment of rural India does not have access to broadband services. Unfortunately, even if the area has internet services, there are high possibilities that they do not have any digital devices to access the World Wide Web; the reason being the high- cost of the computing devices.


Proposed Change

The situation can still be changed; it is possible to make India a digitally literate nation. The foremost initiatives to be taken by the central and state level authorities to ensure that internet connectivity is available in throughout the rural areas, accessibility to digital devices at a low cost. And most importantly train the people on how to use these devices.


Taking a step forward to change the prevailing situation a Bangalore based company Renew IT focuses on providing refurbished computers, laptops and other digital devices at an extremely affordable rate. Moreover they are Microsoft certified and come with a warranty.


Transparency is the key to good governance & e-governance and is the only effective way of transparent governance. Especially in a country like India, e-governance is the only way for effective delivery unto the last. What’s unrivalled about e-governance is that a few keystrokes can bring smiles on a million faces.

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