Enabling Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy

The digital decade is not about any particular aspect of computing, taking enterprises, knowledge workers and homes and building standards that connect all of those together. The key piece in the center is trustworthy systems, systems that do what you expect on an extremely reliable basis. So in each of these areas we have new scenarios, new ways that people will be using their computers that they never did before.


Digital Wave

Computers have provided an entirely new medium for literacy. Digital literacy has led to great increases in information that can be quickly accessed and facilitates the collaboration and sharing of knowledge. With other forms of digital literacy, we are also seeing an increasing reliance on digital modes of communication. Word processing is now the standard for writing and there has been a global uptake of email and usage of the World Wide Web. In addition social sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, all speak to digital literacy leading to greater global participation in literacy.

There is now the potential for global access to knowledge and an interest in creating more multilingual and multi-literacy online environments as digital technologies facilitate global and intercultural exchange. The computer has become an integral part of global business and the education culture, to this end that digital literacy has a direct effect on a country’s economy.


State of Karnataka

The state of Karnataka, home to IT giants like Infosys & Wipro and has plans to make at least one member in every family Internet literate. State’s IT & BT minister S R Patil recently mentioned in various media interviews that he aspires to provide broadband connectivity to all Panchayats within a year’s time. The government is also planning to distribute free Internet enabled mobile phones to rural households at a budget of INR 7,000 cr.


How much of this would be implemented is the BIG question?

Fortunately, moving another step ahead in utilizing the information technology in governance, Karnataka Government has made it compulsory the computer working knowledge for its employees and offered INR 5,000 annual incentive to those who learns the skills.

Considering the 2011 census, amongst 13 million households in Karnataka only 4.8% of them have access to Internet and computers. The numbers at present are extremely depressing but there’s scope. Especially with the plans of the present government there’s hope for improvement.

Supporting the government’s initiative in providing digital media to the rural area, a Bangalore based company- ReNew IT provides Microsoft certified refurbished laptops, computers and other digital devices at an extremely affordable rate. Although they are based in Bangalore, they deliver their products various selected locations of the country. The prime motive of ReNew IT is 100% digital literacy, as they have the right assets for a rapidly-growing digital world.

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