Literacy – Traditional vs Digital

Traditionally, literacy means the ability to read and write. By that measure, a fourth of India’s population is illiterate, according to the 2011 census. If we look at the revolution in communications in the past two decades, the entire world is gradually moving towards digital communications through mobiles, laptops, computers, tablets, text messages, emails, voice calls and so on. Digital literacy is defined as the ability to effectively and critically navigate, evaluate and create information using a range of digital technologies.

Digital Literacy

Many see technology as the problem behind the digital divide, while some others see it as solution. In reality, technology is neither. Its function is to operate in conjunction with business, economic, political and social system. In the current scenario computing is no longer about computers. It is about lifestyle & living.

Sate of Computer Literacy

According to various industry sources, computer literacy in India is around 12% and the Internet penetration is less than 10%. Fortunately the scope for 100% digital literacy in India is high as the outreach of mobiles is about 330 million households which is approximately 53% higher than radio and television outreach which is around 150 million households. The 2011 census has also revealed that only 9.8% of the Indian households have access to either a laptop or a computer and only 3% of these homes have internet connection.

Real Challenge

One of the issues that needs to be addressed by the new Government of India is the digital divide that prevails till date. Most of the future jobs will require some basic level of computer knowledge and digital literacy. Some of the measures to bridge this could be by ensuring internet connectivity in each and every area. Educational institutes should be equipped with laptops and computers. But these solutions would still be limited to a specific audience. The primary reason that prevents computers from being a part of the households is the cost of the device.

The Viable Solution

Continuing the vision of bridging the wide digital gap of the country, Bangalore based Microsoft certified computer, laptop and other computing technology refurbisher ReNew IT provides perfect solution to coping up with this challenge by making laptops, computers, servers and other day-today computing accessories at a very affordable rate.

It provides enterprise class refurbished laptops, computers with one year of service along with genuine Microsoft Windows licences at a fraction of the cost available in the market. ReNew IT’s refurbished computers comes at reachable price for the lower income group of society; though products are refurbishes, but they are as powerful as the brand new ones; which is  a indistinguishable from magic. Its refurbished and re-engineered computers are available from a range of popular brands.

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