Enabling Social Growth through IT – AMBA CEEIC

AMBA Center for Economic Empowerment of the Intellectually Challenged (AMBA CEEIC) was founded by Sugandha Sukrutaraj ten years back to help the intellectually disabled adults, who cannot be trained by through formal education. The NGO aims at creating sustainable livelihood for the mentally and intellectually challenged individuals by providing them education and training with cutting edge technology, innovative teaching methodologies and peer-to-peer training programmes.  Apart from providing required training, AMBA CEEIC make them economically empowered by placing them across regular salaried occupation viz. data entry operators, computer operator etc.

ReNew IT is committed to provide affordable computing technologies to the needy and bridge the wide digital gap prevails in our country. The company has been successful in following this on its own way. It has been supporting this Bangalore based NGO in their ground breaking endeavours.

“RAMBA SugandhaeNew IT has truly made a difference to AMBA. It has been an ideal partner in our social journey”

– Sugandha Sukrutaraj, Founder AMBA CEEIC

The NGO makes the optimal use of information technology and has regular requirements of computers and laptops to train the intellectually disabled and low IQ individuals. And ReNewIT fulfils this requirement by providing them affordable refurbished computers in bulk.

Overwhelmed by the support offered by Renew IT, the founder of AMBA CEEIC, Sugandha Sukrutaraj says, “ReNewIT as social enterprise has helped us to stretch our resources while ensuring enterprise level laptops and computers for our programme. The icing on the cake is that everyone at ReNew IT has an amazing heart. Their support goes way beyond enabling low cost hardware. They are great partners to AMBA CEEIC”.

According to Sugandha Sukrutaraj, in India, 3% of its entire population is intellectually challenged; and it is a big task to educate wherethere are almost 35 million intellectually disabled populations in the country. Besides, these are individuals who are not only intellectually disabled but many of them are physically challenged as well.

In AMBA CEEIC, they have been trying to help and provide them a sustainable livelihood through the optimization of information technology. In this social achievement journey, ReNew IT has been an ideal partner and the company has been supporting AMBA with its high quality affordable computers and laptops along with service warranty. ReNew IT has truly made a difference to AMBA, says Sugandha Sukrutaraj, emphasising the immense contribution made by ReNewIT to AMBA.

According to her, it is not only ReNew IT provides them high quality low cost computers; but it also helps them in many other ways; whenever the NGO has any technical glitches across there IT infrastructure; ReNew IT has been always on time for support. This has helped AMBA to a greater extent in following timeline of achievements.

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