Best Computers or IT Infrastructure for Growing SMEs

Computing infrastructure for small and medium enterprises

IT needs for small businesses

In Asia Pacific economic circle, the Small and medium enterprises covers almost 90% of all businesses, including India. Government of India’s Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development act 2006 defines small enterprises as business initiatives whose investment is more than 25 lakh but does not go beyond 5 crores. The medium enterprise are those enterprises whose total investment is more than 5 crore and but does not go beyond 10 crores. These businesses run with lesser number of workforces.

The SME market in India

The small and medium enterprises contribute to employee generation, productivity, exports and the overall growth of India’s economy. For example in the places like Odisha, the SMEs are contributing to create maximum employment next to agriculture. SME sector is responsible for about 40 percent of the exports and 45 percent of the total manufacturing output in the country. This sector is creating 1.3 million jobs every year, providing employment to 60 million Indians and also producing almost 8000 quality products per year. It is estimated that India has 30 million SMEs functioning and in the coming years, around 12 million more employees are expected to join the SME sector and the sector is growing at a rate of 8% per year.

How to buy computers for the SMEs?

Efficient IT infrastructure plays a major role in the growth of small and medium enterprises. Hence, well planned IT investment is a key; while doing so, industry best practices also cannot be ignored. For the SMEs, the functionalities, speed and power of the computing equipments matter most.

Before investing on technology, there is a need of evaluation of IT needs of the business, and then comes right need of technology efficiency- need to consider technology abilities viz. processing speed of the computer like how quickly it runs.  Normally the greater number of cores it has, it functions better. Adding more RAM will allow a computer to work faster. Even the storage is also important which determines how much information one can save on a computer’s hard disk. If the business requires larger storage capacity such as need to store more software applications and data on computer; then, should not opt for computers which only fulfil minimal requirements for an operating system (OS).  For example, the Windows 7 OS requires at least a 1 GHz or faster processor, 1 GB RAM and 20 GB available hard disk space to function effectively; without these specifications, the system will not perform effectively.

Once the technology requirements are clearly listed; it’s time to decide between a desktop and a laptop. Desktops come at a reasonable price and deliver great performance. They are the best choice, if flexibility is not a concern.  But, if portability is a business priority, laptops or new generation net books can be the right choice. Whether it is a laptop or desktop or any other hardware parts, it is better to buy in bulk; it helps in decreasing number of investments as well as CapEx.

What about purchasing refurbished and affordable computers, if budget is a challenge?  In fact, it can be a fair deal to buy affordable refurbished computers and laptops. Refurbished computers are those computers which are used but completely re-engineered for new users. Refurbishment is a stringent step by step evaluation process of the old computer and restoration of its parts so as to make it highly functional. Hence, no technological or performance difference exists between brand new and refurbished computers. These computers come at a low price with a limited period warranty like a new one.

But, before taking a decision, we need to zero down at a reliable refurbisher. There are companies who maintain a strict re-engineering process to provide complete satisfaction to their buyers.

ReNew IT is one such initiative to provide low cost, high quality computers to the needy population of our country. It can help you with a smart deal for your growing business!

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