Affordable Computers for NGOs

 Affordable Investment Safeguards your NGOs long term financial sustainability

An NGO is a non-profit organization set up by a group of people who share a common interest. It is usually funded by government, corporate and business organizations, foundations, donors and social responsibility organizations. But some NGOs are self-funded. They collect fund by selling their own manufacturing products. Again there are NGOs which run their operations primarily by means of volunteers. Different NGOs focus on different ‘sectors’ (a particular activity that an NGO wants to pick up). However, the major guiding force behind the establishment of an NGO is to deal with the issues concerning public welfare. NGOs are task oriented. They perform a variety of tasks like creating public awareness, drawing the public concerns to the government, monitoring government policies and programmes and providing humanitarian assistance. NGOs may be set up on local, national and international levels.

Right Spending Strategy

Fund management is an integral part of NGO operations. How an NGO utilizes and manages its funds are of major importance to run it successfully.  It is also important that a non-profit organisation maintains a cash reserve so as to help itself during the time of emergencies. Such financial reserves assist an NGO to fight against financial difficulties and protect your organisation against unpredicted financial shocks.

The long term sustainability of an NGO depends on its wise distribution of funds and its affordable investments. You need to keep a cash reserve by maintaining a calculated investment plan so that the financial shocks can be averted. Based on the analysis of its cash flow and expenses, an NGOs sets up its reserve goal and lowers down the limit of expenses. The NGOs have a management team to maintain their cash reserve and guide how funds should be invested/utilized. Although it is a non-profit organization and not oriented towards revenue making, it has to have some kind of surplus to continue its service and escape functioning at a deficit budget.

Technology Ballgame

Technology plays a vital role in running NGO operations. To keep track of its data (NGOs collect data from a variety of sources including other NGOs, government sector and private sector and also from individuals and media) and manage information, the NGOs do need the help of high quality affordable computers and laptops. Information management is very important if a NGO has to function effectively and productively. It not only requires information from a variety of sources, but it also has to communicate that information to the other sources. The successful flow of both external and internal information of an NGO is dependent on its high quality computer technology.

Hence, buying affordable computer and laptops is an integral part of NGO infrastructure. Without computers and laptops, the NGOs cannot conduct its operations and deliver services.  To achieve its goal and work collaboratively with the other NGOs, an NGO needs to be more refined and technology advanced.

A right computer or laptop buying strategy can help the NGOs to manage their funds. They can buy high quality computers at low and affordable cost to run their operations. In present times, with the advent of private sector technology development, the NGOs have many choices regarding buying affordable and high quality computers without spending much money. Such high quality affordable computers/laptops bought at low price will increase your cash reserve and contribute to you organization’s long term health and sustainability. This will help you to save find and invest it correctly. Mostly the NGOs depend on technology that is sharp, reliable, and affordable.

We at ReNew IT offer high quality computers and laptops at a low and affordable cost. We also look after their repairing and replacement, in case of any damages. Our aim is to make computers affordable for everybody including the NGOs. We help you to make the right choice for your organization.

Aided by such high quality affordable computers and laptops, the non-governmental organizations can accomplish a number of tasks, and play a major role in creating sustainable development in various fields, making social transformations and improving the quality of human life.

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